Latest update– October 21. If you are abroad and dream to come to Thailand your FIRST port of call must be the Royal Thai Embassy in your nation before you make any bookings. Thailand Longstay is also an important resource of information at this time.First ‘tourists

‘ get here in Thailand under the Unique Traveler Visa

In 2019, practically 40 million tourists gotten here in Thailand. On October 20, 41 ‘tourists’ gotten here, the very first in 7 months. Thailand is slowly, gradually, re-opening its borders after the Covid-19 pandemic required a total shutdown in March. The Kingdom invited its first tourists in 7 months, with the arrival of 41 Chinese travelers from Shanghai. The group landed at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport on a chartered flight laid on by Spring Airlines, a low-cost Chinese carrier.The visitors

are here on the recently-launched Unique Traveler Visa and upon touchdown, needed to download a special app to track their motions while in Thailand. Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, also confirmed they will perform 14 days’ quarantine, before they are complimentary to travel around. The STV grants them a stay of up to 90 days and can be extended twice.A brand-new visa amnesty now runs up until completion of October Foreigners who recently paid 1,900 baht for an one month visa extension(before September 26) are now clear to stay in Thailand till November 30 at no additional expense, but those foreigners require to report to migration to get their visa stamp updated.The CCSA announced another grace duration for foreigners stranded in Thailand, up until October 31. Under the brand-new regulation, 60 day visa extensions will be issued to those who are unable to travel back to their home nation. The factors might be lack of flights, issues with Covid in their house country, medical factors or something else that avoid you from leaving the country.Those who received a 30 day extension will require to visit their regional immigration workplace and get the appropriate stamp that will suggest the new expiration date in their passport, according to a story in The Phuket News. In the past, foreigners require to provide a letter from their nation’s embassy asking for an extension, but Immigration Bureau Deputy Commissioner Pornchai Kuntee says “letters from embassies may not be required.”Tell us about the brand-new long stay ‘special traveler visa ‘, the STV.Here are the rigorous basic requirements of the new STV which has been formally authorized and Gazetted

… – Foreign visitors will be needed to have a Covid-19 test taken 72 hours previously, departure – They will have to buy Covid-19 medical insurance – Indication a letter of permission agreeing

to adhere to the Thai federal government’s Covid-19 steps – Will be for a minimum 90 days (there have been some reports of a minimum 30 days), eco-friendly twice, to a

overall of 20 days – The visa will be limited to individuals from’low-risk’nations although that list has actually not been announced – Successful applicants will need to complete a 14 day obligatory quarantine at a state-registered

quarantine/hotel – STV tourists need to travel by charter aircraft and every flight bring them should get consent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or CCSA The brand-new 90 day special traveler visa would be able to be extended two times, for 90 days each time. So, an overall of 270 days(around 9 months ). It was likewise revealed that tourists would have to arrive on charter flights just, additional pushing up the price of possible travel back to Thailand.” Visitors can get here for tourism or health services, and they can remain at alternative state quarantine centers, specific locations or at health centers that work as quarantine centers. Our public health system is amongst the very best in the world and people can have confidence in it.”The brand-new ‘STV'( Special Traveler Visa)which will cost 2,000 baht and will last for 90 days each. The new visa policy will be in result till September 30, 2021 and might be extended beyond that time.The government kept in mind that it does not have the capability to totally re-open to tourism at the minute as they need to have the ability to process inbound visitors and find approved locations for them to serve their 2 week quarantine. “The target is to welcome 100-300 visitors a week, or as much as 1,200 individuals a month, and create earnings of about 1 billion baht a month. “Thai authorities have also said they will only accept tourists from “low threat” countries, without defining what those nations are.On Friday, September 18, a director at the Department of Disease Control, stated that foreign travelers will need to present evidence of an unfavorable Covid-19 test no greater than 72 hours prior to travel.The Thaiger will upgrade the information of the brand-new long stay tourist visa as soon as the ended up being available.Are there any Facebook pages where I can share my story about wishing to come back to Thailand?The’Love Is Not Tourist Thailand’Facebook page, that includes families torn apart by the pandemic, is calling on the Thai federal government to assist reunite their households.” We’re asking the federal government to issue visas or enable entry

for family members and lovers to reunite with each other for humanitarian reasons. Evidence such as a passport with an entry stamp into Thailand, photos, and text ought to have the ability to confirm their unions.”How is Thailand doing compared to the rest of the world with it’s re-opening to tourists?The UN World Tourism Organisation has actually released its most current update on the state of the world’s re-openings in the Covid-era. 53 %of the world’s traveler destinations have now begun easing travel limitations federal government’s enforced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The UNWTO reports acknowledges that numerous locations”remain cautious “and some are even re-closing borders and tightening up constraints again.It’s the 7th edition of the “Covid-19 Associated Travel Constraints: A Global Review for Tourist”and identifies a continuous global trend to gradually restart the world’s tourist maker. The report analyses constraints by federal governments as much as September 1. The research covers a total of 115 destinations(53 %of all locations worldwide )have now reduced their travel constraints– that’s an increase of 28 considering that 19 July. Of these, 2 have actually lifted all limitations, while the remaining 113 continue to have particular limiting measures in place. – Another noteworthy stat was that in advanced economies, 79 %of tourist destinations had currently started reducing limitations. In emerging economies, less than half, just 47%of destinations, have started the procedure. – 64 %of those destinations which have relieved have a”high or medium dependence”on airline companies to provide worldwide travelers to their place. Island locations are particularly at danger at this time as the air lift is critical to their traveler success. – 43%of all worldwide destinations continue to have their borders totally closed to all tourism, of which 27 destinations have actually had their borders”totally closed” for a minimum of 7 months. – Half of all locations in the study, with borders totally closed to tourism, are noted as being amongst the “World’s

The majority of Vulnerable Nations”. They include 10 Little Island Developing States, one Least Established Country and three Land-Locked Developing Countries.Should I use a visa agent to extend my visa?There are plenty of advertisements being published at this time using magic extensions to visas and opportunities

to stay in Thailand after September 26. Please be aware that a few of these declared visa agents are scams. There are also plenty of excellent visa representatives who will have the ability to supply you with guidance and solutions, at an expense, enabling you to stay in the country.If you do wish to call a visa agent at this time ensure you get a recommendation from a good friend, visit their workplace in person or ask a lot of questions and examine their bonafides. Do not begin sending out money to accounts until you have seen some paperwork or evidence

that they have the ability to provide you with a legal and professional service. Caveat emptor!I had a retirement visa and have resided in Thailand for many years. When can I return?Foreigners with permanent houses who have been stranded overseas for the previous 6 months, and long-lasting foreign homeowners (retirement visa ), can now return to Thailand, under a variety of restrictions, including where you are taking a trip from.Both groups, if authorized, will still have to go through the obligatory state-controlled 2 week quarantine period.If you believe you fall under either of these categories, call your regional Thai Embassy or consulate to discuss your situations PRIOR TO you purchase a ticket or make any other arrangements.Is it safe in Thailand at the moment?Yes. No less safe than usual and certainly there has been no civil discontent

that would make you contemplate your individual safety beyond the normal precautions you would take anywhere in

the world. The existing trainee demonstrations are fairly restricted and are publicised ahead of time so you can prevent those scenarios. Whilst there has been some outbursts against immigrants from a Thai political leader and a few stressed-out residents, the situation for foreigners remains safe and protected at this time.What happened to the Phuket Model?It was a non-starter after the federal government encountered

resistance from some in Phuket. It was also not well gotten by travellers and numerous in the local hospitality industry.At this phase, a model to enable restricted travelers to return to the country, on extended tourist visas, with some restrictions, is being worked out by the CCSA in combination with the general public Health Department, TAT and Ministry of Sports and Tourism. It’s called the Unique Traveler Visa and is targeted at high-wealth travelers with lots of time, as the visa has a minimum 90 day remain requirement.I have been stranded in Thailand because April. Now I have run out of money and do not know what to do.This is an actually tight spot and you ‘d be well encouraged to contact your family and friends, and encourage them of your situation. Likewise, you MUST contact your nation’s embassy or consulate to notify them of the situation. They will a minimum of have information about repatriating you to your house nation

or perhaps other alternatives that may be available.Just hoping your circumstance is going to improve won’t work. Get as much information as you can about your choices. And hopefully your family or friends can send you

some funds to tide you over during this crazy time. Chock dee krub!The airline companies are offering tickets to fly to Thailand now. Need to I buy one?No. Don’t purchase a ticket for a flight to Thailand up until you have ALL the documentation required, have actually discussed your trip with your regional embassy and you have actually been authorized for travel. Why the airline companies keep offering tickets, for flights that will be cancelled, is a mystery.There are currently no strategies to open Thailand’s

borders for global tourist beyond propositions for a restricted opening for tourism into Phuket called the Phuket Model. It was proposed to start in October but no decisions have been made.Which leads us to the next question … Would a Thailand Elite Visa resolve my problems?Yes and no. The Elite Visa program is an exceptional and practical methods of remaining in Thailand with couple of issues, enabling you to prevent sees to Immigration and the majority of the paperwork. But it’s an expensive up-front costs and, for now, there is a 3-4 month waiting


duration to process new applications.At this time, there is likewise a limitation on the variety of individuals, on various visas, they are allowing to return to Thailand every day. However if you have the cash, it’s definitely an alternative as people on the Thailand Elite Visa are currently enabled

to return to the Kingdom.Our flight has a transit drop in Thailand. Can we leave the aircraft and spend a day in Bangkok?No. At this time all transits need passengers to stay on the airplane. There might be some situations where they deplane guests however you will be restricted to an area of the airport.Can I get a job, get a brand-new visa and remain in Thailand?Maybe, potentially. Jobs for immigrants are thin on the ground at the minute. Outside of teaching English(there will constantly be jobs for English instructors in Thailand), many business are cutting staff right now, instead of employing. You would need to protect a letter of deal from your new employer and visit you local immigration workplace to go over the matter urgently, before

September 26. Can I fly back to my nation and get a new Non B visa, and after that go back to Thailand?In theory, yes. But it will take some great preparation and a dose of luck for the plan to be effective. Theo did it … HERE’s the link to his story. You will definitely require to do a 14 day quarantine upon your return and the capricious nature of numerous embassy and immigration officials might make the many steps to get all the documentation a nightmare.What about other tropical holiday spots?Island economies, depending on tourism– from Bali in Indonesia, to Hawaii in the United States– face the pandemic, which has brought international travel to a virtual halt.

World air travel has actually visited 97 %( last month compared year-on-year). Re-opening to travelers has actually led to

the renewal of infection in some places like the Caribbean island of Aruba, and governments are afraid of striking the incorrect balance between public health and financial truth. Even The Maldives, which confidently re-opened for tourism, has actually had a current surge of new cases and forcing the federal government to rethink its plans.Ibiza and the other popular Spanish party islands, are likewise devastated by the existing Covid situation.Can I travel to Thailand for medical Tourism?Yes. Despite the fact that Thailand’s borders are still near most travel, including tourism, there are some select groups being allowed back into the Kingdom. Medical tourists are one of those groups however, for many countries, ONLY for urgent or emergency situation medical matters. Foreign medical travelers are now permitted to apply to concern Thailand for medical treatment

with rigorous disease control steps being put in place.BUT, and there’s always a’ but ‘at the minute, some countries will not permit its people to take a trip outside of their house countries, even for medical emergencies. In all cases, you would need to consult your local Royal Thai Embassy to learn if you are eligible, prior to you reserve a flight or sing a contract with a medical supplier in Thailand.Under the CCSA guidelines,

foreign medical and wellness tourists have to get here by air to make sure effective illness control, not by means of land border checkpoints at this stage. “Those seeking cosmetic surgery and infertility treatments will be allowed to get in the nation. Those seeking Covid-19 treatment are disallowed.”If you want to examine coming to Thailand at this time, go to MyMediTravel to browse procedures and have a look at your options.Spokesperson Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin says the visitors need to have an appointment letter from a physician in Thailand and entry certificates released by Thai embassies across the globe. People wishing to check out Thailand for medical treatments at this time will require to contact the Thai Embassy in their nation to organise the visa and documents

. Thailand’s significant hospitals will

offer potential candidates with a consultation letter.They will likewise need to produce proof that they tested negative for Covid-19 prior to their arrival. Once in Thailand they will be evaluated again and will required to remain at the medical facility for at least 14 days, during which they will be able to start their picked treatments.The CCSA states that medical treatments will only be enabled foreigners at hospitals that have been signed up to provide the treatments

and have actually proven their capability to consist of any potential outbreak. Prospective patients will only be permitted to bring an overall of 3 member of the family or caretakers during their see to Thailand. Caretakers will need to go through the same screening procedures as the patient.Embassies and participating medical facilities will be able to offer more info about procedures, centers, documents requirements

and arrival options.Again, ENSURE you seek advice from the Royal Thai Embassy in your house country prior to continuing with any medical tourism pans. Keep in contact with The Thaiger by following our Facebook page.Never lose out on future posts by following The Thaiger. Source