The lockdown has actually altered life for all of us in ways big and small. I miss my monthly journeys to the beach in Thailand, lazing around in a plush hotel with a Mai Tai in my hand and a Tai no place in sight. Tai is my dear other half, although in this case the appropriate definition of the word ‘dear’ is ‘costly’. She tells me she misses out on the long dinners with the women. Others think back about the hustle and bustle of service travel.

But there are sadder stories, which make even a typically jolly Taipan assess the individual toll a great deal of us are dealing with from this pandemic– even those fortunate adequate not to be straight affected by the disease.

Take one senior lender in Hong Kong. She’s a mom of 3 young kids, but her husband has been stuck in Morocco, unable to return home for almost 6 months now, after heading there for business. Another among my pals hasn’t seen his children for nearly as long after a comparable ‘brief’ work trip became an extended one after nations hastily closed borders and stopped flights to curb the spread of the pandemic.Others have actually seen life strategies postponed. One chap working in Singapore was slated to relocate to South Africa in April for a brand-new job with his bank. 6 months on, he is still in Singapore with his household, with his move and brand-new task in limbo as visa processing has been halted. Some may check out these stories and feel no sympathy.

Certainly, in each case it could be worse. However why do we operate in the top place, if not to provide a much better life for those we like? It nearly makes me want to go home and inform Tai just how much I enjoy her. I’ll simply stop at the pub initially.