The fight to resume Thailand’s borders is shaping up as a 3-way PR fight between financial hawks who are eager to re-open to reboot the country’s tourist market, a federal government and medical authorities resting on their laurels after consisting of the virus, and a risk-averse population who, study after study, show they are keen to keep the borders closed.In another

effort to relieve Thai fears, a physician at the contagious disease department has mentioned that any immigrant discovered to be contaminated with Covid-19, while in alternative state quarantine, would be taken to a partner healthcare facility in the private sector, not a Thai public hospital.Dr Opas Karnkawinpong has made it clear that immigrants would need to pay for their treatment and medication themselves.”They will not be a concern on the Thai health system. “Dr Opas laid out the rigorous measures that foreigners would have to submit to prior to taking a trip to Thailand. Apart from the effort and expense of finding a flight at this time, getting approval from their country’s Thai Embassy, they would have to get fit-to-fly and entry certificates, Covid-free documentation, health insurance and in advance payments for their 14 day Alternative State Quarantine.”If contaminated they would go to a special isolation unit at the healthcare facility partnered with the quarantine hotel. Non serious cases would be there for 10 days, those with serious conditions like lung infections might have to stay for a month. “- Those without any symptoms but who tested favorable would need to stay in healthcare facility for 10 days after their favorable test. – Others would have to

be hospitalized for 10 days after establishing symptoms then an additional 24 hr period after symptoms completely ease off. – In more serious cases the length of hospitalization would be at the discretion of medical professionals. People might just be let out after xrays, temperature level and breathing rate checks satisfied

medical teams.A list of numerous procedures were likewise mentioned for people after they go home from medical facility. These consist of suggestions to wear masks, socially distance, wash hands and surfaces, utilize separate consuming utensils to

others. If they get ill again they should take personal transportation to a healthcare facility. Family members are being encouraged to monitor their own health closely.SOURCE: Siam Rath|Thai Visa Keep in contact with The Thaiger by following our Facebook page.Never miss out on future posts by following The Thaiger.